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Action Deadlines - Electric


  • General queries: Sherry,
  • Document submissions process:,
  • Electric Rules, FMEA, ESF Inquiries: Hugues Marceau,
  • SES, IAD, Design Report, Spec Sheet: Michael Bakaic,

  • All documents must be submitted in the same format as stated in the FSAE 2017-18 Rules booklet, unless otherwise mentioned on this page.
  • Unless mentioned, it is assumed that all documents must be submitted no later than 11:59pm EST on the mentioned deadline date.
  • Name documents as Car#_SchoolName_FileName_Year. For Example, if University of Infinity, Car #E14 is submitting Impact Attenuator document, please submit file as E14_UniversityofInfinity_IAD_2018.

Queries & Contacts



The following are Formula North’s details for the combustion and electric class for the 2018 season.

There will be a registration quiz, in order to determine the car number and the pre-scrutineering order. The quiz will cover the FSAE rules for the respective category and basic combustion/electric vehicle engineering knowledge. The quiz scoring is calculated according to the following formula (N*500)-(T*5), giving importance to number of valid answers (N) and time to complete the quiz (T) .

The tech order will be roughly based on the car# you receive after completing the registration quiz. This order will be affected only when document submission deadlines are not met by the teams and will be updated after the last document is submitted. Hence a delayed submission will cost you your spot for tech inspection during the competition, so make sure you mark your calendars and hit “submit” on time! This year, we will enforce penalties for every deliverable submission and resubmission, no matter if the deliverable is worth points or not. If the team has not provided a significant attempt to address the issue the document will be considered as submitted late.

Note to Electric Teams:

Prior to e-scrutineering we’ll have an accumulator container and charging pre-scrutineering. Hence, the order will be as following. The pre-scrutineering check list will be submitted later.

– Accumulator container and charger pre-scrutineering
– Electrical scrutineering
– Mechanical scrutineering
– Rain test
– Tilt
– Brake

*Page updated April 18, 2018

** Formula North is not an official event under Formula SAE or SAE International.