FN2017 Participant Event Booklet released

The Participant Event Booklet for Formula North 2017 is now available. Please ensure you review this guide prior to arriving at the event. Here are a few important takeaways:

  1. Tentative schedule is included in this Participant Event Booklet.
  2. New member registrations will not be taken on-site. Please complete the Team Member Information submission procedures as highlighted on the Action Deadlines pages for Combustion and Electric categories, by May 18. This includes provision of details of all team members in attendance including provision of proof of health / travel insurance.
  3. Participants of teams in the Electric category are required to arrive at Early Registration on May 31 and move in their vehicles to prep for accumulator inspection on the morning of June 1st.
  4. All teams who have requested for 93 Octane must bring an empty pre-approved gasoline can, at registration.
  5. All teams are required to bring their own projector/ screen equipment (if required) for the Presentation Event.


Download the Participant Event Booklet hereReleased May 11, 2017