Volunteer Feedback for FN2016

We would like to thank all our volunteers for their time and efforts into making the 5th Formula North competition a successful one! Such a large scale event is only possible because of the efforts our volunteers put into it! Until this Saturday June 11, we shall be collecting feedback from all those who volunteered, so that we can install improvements …

Final Scores of Formula North 2016

**This post is subject to updates**   COMBUSTION SCORES OVERALL Overall Static Design Cost  Presentation Overall Dynamic Skidpad Acceleration Autocross Endurance Fuel Efficiency   ELECTRIC SCORES OVERALL Overall Static Design Cost Presentation Overall Dynamic Skidpad Acceleration Autocross Endurance Energy Efficiency  

Endurance Order UPDATED

Teams, the Endurance Event order is now updated. Electric vehicles shall run right after lunch break, which takes place between 1 PM – 1:30 PM. FN2016 EnduranceRunOrder_V1

Unofficial static scores for FN2016

Below are the unofficial static event scores for Formula North 2016: Design Event Cost Event Marketing Event The above are combustion scores only. Electric scores will be released after Awards.