FN Academy Event a Success!

On November 22, 2014 the first ever seminar series within the Formula North Academy was held at Ryerson University in Toronto. Over 60 students from Formula Student teams across Ontario and Quebec participated in the day-long event.

The focus of the FN Academy centered on teams talking about their experiences by communicating and sharing their knowledge whilst getting to know each other at the same time. Attendees had the opportunity to hear about how and what they could do to improve their overall performance in competition. One of the main topics of focus was a discussion with regards to prioritizing and sticking to goals set at the beginning of the year. Students were able to visualize  and hear what they could do to improve their scores at an FS competition. The event also focused on the development of a strong timeline, so that students can perform well at a competition and reap the rewards of countless hours spent in the workshop all year round.

Formula North representatives Michael Bakaic, Nicholas Burgwin and Trevor Vaughan lead the discussion with students regarding how to prioritize to improve their performance in the various aspects of static competition.

Representatives from Ryerson University, University of Waterloo and Western University also presented on an innovative aspects of their respective vehicles. Participating students were given the opportunity to take a look at last year’s vehicles of the a fore mentioned schools as well . Discussions in the workshop were so engaging that majority of the students still lingered on in the workshop for most of the lunch hour!

In addition to the day’s events, James Janeteas, President of Cimetrix, was invited by the Ryerson Formula Racing team to talk to students about the possibilities 3D printing offers with regards to the construction of their vehicles. James offered great insight as to the importance of maintaining attention to detail.

Students found the experience, “very rewarding” and were thankful to be able to take part in the days’ events. The idea of collaborative learning was key to the success of the FN Academy’s first ever seminar series. Thank-you to all the attendees and speakers for being a part of this success. Also a huge thanks to the Ryerson Formula Racing Team for booking the venue for the event!

Written by Lauren Patrick.

For pictures from the event, click here.

For queries with regards to the FN Academy, please contact Michael Bakaic at mbakaic(@)formulanorth.com